The FLO-FAST pump and systems are designed to handle many different types of chemicals.  We offer the 5, 7.5, 10.5 & 15
gallon container sizes in a natural color polyethylene construction  The FLO-FAST 7.5, 10.5 and 15 gallon containers are
rotationally molded making them extra durable and safe for a variety of chemicals.

Having the ability to adapt to a 55 gallon barrel and to the FLO-FAST 7.5, 10.5 & 15 gallon containers gives the user the
utmost flexibility and portability for fluid transfer operations.

You can draw from a bulk tank at a rate of up to 8 gallons per minute by simply placing the hose into the fluid and reversing
the FLO-FAST pump.  Once you've pulled the fluid from your source tank you can wheel your system and pump the fluid at
up to 8 gallon per minute into its final operating tank.
You can buy the FLO-FAST system as a complete package (Pump,
Cart, Container) or buy the individual components to fit your needs
The pump comes standard
with a 1" O.D. So be sure to
pick up our Unleaded Tank
Adapter if you are needing to
go into a smaller opening.
Filters Are Available!
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