Make sure to lubricate the FLO-FAST pump on a regular basis, this helps reduce the wear on the internal components of the pump.  Any type of light weight
    motor oil will be fine.

    FLO-FAST pumps or draws 5-8 gallons of fluid in 1 minute.  You can’t pour through a funnel as quickly as FLO- FAST can pump, and its overall design
    offers the utmost in safety when transferring potentially hazardous or volatile fluids.

    The FLO-FAST system uses a bi-directional pump that allows you to draw fluids into or pump them from the system container.  FLO-FAST is suitable for
    use with fuels, oil, lubricants, anti-freeze, water, many chemicals, water based solutions and commercial cleaning fluids.  Transfer of fluids is
    accomplished cleanly, safely and fast.  Additional questions on compatibility please contact us before use.

    The 5-foot-long fill / draw line allows you to access even the most difficult to reach areas.

    The sliding tether line and clamp on the fill/draw line eliminates the need for funnels or two-person operations.  No more sloshing, spilling, or dripping―
    especially important when transferring volatile or hazardous fluids.

    The sliding tether line on the hose allows you to reposition the tether and clamp on the external fill / draw hose.  By attaching the clamp at the filler opening,
    the hose cannot come out of the filler opening.  The tether line also grounds FLO-FAST by keeping the fill / draw hose in contact with the unit that you are
    pumping or drawing fluid from.

    Simply insert the hose into the opening of container you want to fill and use the squeeze clamp on the tether line to hold it in place.  Then begin rotating the
    pump handle to dispense any fluid type at 5 gallons per minute.  By merely reversing the pump handle rotation, you are able to draw 5 gallons per minute
    into your container.

    No more lifting, pouring, spilling, dripping and overflowing.  FLO-FAST features a yellow tinted 5 foot long fill/draw hose that allows you to see into the
    opening of the container you are transferring to, thus eliminating overfill spillage or hazards.

    The manual rotary pump allows a controlled pumping rate and eliminates the need for an external power source or battery that allows the use of FLO-FAST
    anywhere!  Do not use any electrical device to pump or draw fluid!

    The entire pump system can be removed to fill your 5, 7.5,10.5 or 15-gallon jug or transfer fluid to additional jugs.  The absolutely unique design of FLO-
    FAST allows you to turn the cap by itself and not the entire pump assembly when removing it from your container.  It couldn't be easier!

    With several containers you get the benefits of a large supply of fluids.  You have the choice to transport one or more 5, 7.5 or 15 gallon jugs to a bulk
    supply source or to the location where you will be dispensing the fluids.

    We offer a transport cart for (1) 7.5 gallon, (1) 10.5 gallon, (2) 5 gallon, (2) 7.5 gallon, (2) 10.5 gallon, or (1) 15 gallon container.

    Adult Use Only – FLO-FAST is a tool that may be used with potentially hazardous fluids and should only be operated by an adult.

    Always make sure to attach the static line to the fluid opening or to something that is grounded.  Any question please call before using.

    Tether Line – The tether line and clamp make using FLO-FAST simple and easy but, more importantly, make dispensing fluid safe.  It is imperative that the
    squeeze clamp be attached to the unit that fluid is being transferred into or out of prior to pumping or drawing fluid.

    Draining Line – After pumping or drawing fluid is completed, raise the hose to drain any fluid remaining in the hose back toward the pump.

    Revolutions Per Minute – Peak efficiency of your pump is reached at 60-70 revolutions per minute

    Do Not Store Fuel or Volatile Fluids Long Term With Pump System Attached to Jug – Always remove the pump
    system from container and seal your utility jug with the extra cap provided with your system.

    Keep away from any heat sparks and flames

    Store and use in a well-ventilated area and do not store in a vehicle or living space or where there are pilot lights

    Keep away from flame pilot lights, stove heaters, electric motors and other sources of ignition

    Vapors can be ignited by a spark or flame source many feet away

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The FLO-FAST portable fluid transfer system is the most versatile, simple and easy to use fluid transfer tool available.  
The uses and applications are unlimited when it comes to the work place (inside or out), home and recreation.
Before using the FLO-FAST system, please read this information completely
FLO-FAST Features and Operations
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