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The Tow Snake recoil towing system eliminates the problem of running over
your tow strap when towing your race car.  The Tow Snake retractable tow strap
automatically takes up all of the slack when towing by actually folding itself up
like a snake as the name suggests.  As you begin to pull with Tow Snake you
can visually see as it unfolds and you reach the point where it is fully extended
and you are ready to pull the race car.  Towing race cars can be difficult
depending on the pit area, Tow Sanke makes towing safe and easy.
Tow Snake is simple, safe and easy on the race car and is rated at
10,000 pounds with a 3,333 pound working load limit.
Tow Snake:   ReCoil / Retractable Tow Strap
(Includes strap and recoil bungee)
15' Tow Snake:   P N # 015-15   (15' feet)
20' Tow Snake:   P N # 020-20   (20' feet)
The series of pictures below simply show how Tow Snake works.  A
15' foot Tow Snake strap will coil to 7.5 feet.  A 20' foot Tow Snake
strap will coil to 10' feet.
Pictured to the right shows the sewn
loop that is at each end.  This loop
will fit right over the ball on  your hitch
Pictured to the right shows how the
bungee is hooked to the metal d-ring
with a spring snap to secure it.
*If the tow hook is at the front of the car the 15' strap is recommended.  
*If the tow hook is a roof top connection the 20' strap is recommended.